Our Mission Statement:

TherapyXperts has Xcellence and Xpertise at its core: our patient-centred evidence-based musculo-skeletal physiotherapy service is problem solving and dedicated to best practice. We intend to be “as good as our name”. We are delighted to welcome you to our services.

What we do:

  • Evidence based practice
  • Manual therapy, exercise and/or acupuncture to restore movement & reduce pain
  • Targeted prescriptive exercise to enhance rehabilitation. (N.B. exercise only works if you do it!!!)
  • Clear concise advice & education to ensure you understand how and why your symptoms developed
  • Health promotion to prevent re-occurance or reduce future problems
  • Modalities (machines) are utilised when necessary, generally in acute/sports presentations rather than in chronic conditions

Our Assessment and Treatment Approach:

Our assessment and treatment approach is thoroughly based on what is scientifically proven to work. No mumbo jumbo, no ineffective techniques. Our Chartered Physiotherapists are dedicated to Xcellence. Each has been involved in research at MSc level and beyond and has published research results in medical and physiotherapy journals. Our guiding rule is: Best evidence, Best practice..

PAIN is what brings people to us. Musculoskeletal pain is often the SYMPTOM of an underlying problem. Thus while our treatment goal is to fix what causes the pain, our initial treatment focus is on obtaining speedy pain relief. We use many strategies to resolve pain: from manual therapy, to acupuncture, to electrotherapy, postural approaches, exercises, taping. Specific exercises are chosen target the underlying complaint. Exercises are structured and progressed to maintain & improve progress over time.

Research demonstrates that bad posture or repetitive activities with poor technique contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Our therapists will guide you to make beneficial improvements to ensure good resolution of your problem. We will clearly discuss your responsibilities in this regard to guarantee long term success.

TherapyXperts & Technology:

21st century medical software allows TherapyXperts track outcomes of treatment intervention on a daily basis. Using high tech software we document success of each treatment technique used in our clinics and share this information with our therapists. Our group statistics show that for a new patient attending our clinics, the average number of treatment sessions required to discharge is just 2.72 visits. The ability to track outcome is one component of our Seamless Service Concept which successfully guides our therapists through the patient’s physiotherapy journey.

This combination of highly skillful therapists and top technology is the difference we bring to our patients.

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